Valentine Makhouleen

Huffingon Post Québec

We were challenged to create a campaign that would increase awareness of Le Huffington Post Quebec, drive more traffic to the site, and increase engagement in social media. With this in mind, we created Je Me Souviens, an interactive, multi-platform campaign that encouraged Quebecers to take a look back at some of the most newsworthy events in Quebec’s history and have their say, today. Readers tweeted their headlines, which were then shared online, on interactive boards and digital billboards.

Agency: Twist Image
Role: Art Direction

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Huffington Post

A special edition of Huffington Post was launched to showcase the submitted headlines.

To reinforce the idea that we’re communicating both a unique Québécois perspective AND the varying individual viewpoints, we chose current and historic topics that are likely to prompt debate or different perspectives. We relied on readers to convey their viewpoints on the topics, but these perspectives can also came through in the editorial content on Huffington Post Québéc. The topics we covered included the ’95 Referendum, Bill 101, Patrick Roy – “Le Trade” of Montreal Canadiens, ‘76 Olympic Legacy, Maple Spring and others.

Facebook post

At first we reached out to Huffingon Post Québec Facebook and Twitter fans and asked them to submit headlines on a variety of topics.

Digital billboard

Through hashtags readers could change the headline of the billboard. The top headlines were also featured on Huffington Post Québec site.

Indoor digital ads

Users were able to see their tweeted headlines on screen in real time.

Interactive wall

Interactive wall installations around Montréal let users create their own headlines on topics that matter to them.

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