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Time-lapse of Earth from space

Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Earth and Moon from 114 million miles away

In the lower left portion of this image, the Earth can be seen, as well as the much smaller Moon to Earth’s right. When MESSENGER took this image, a distance of 183 million kilometers (114 million miles) separated the spacecraft and Earth. To provide context for this distance, the average separation between the Earth and […]

Making trash collection fun
Algae photosynthesis lamp

Mike Thompson, the arts graduate from Design Academy in Eindhoven now introduces a seemingly unheard of algae powered lamp, which he names Latro Algae Lamp. He takes inspiration from the findings of a research conducted by Yansei and Stanford University scientists that concluded that algal cells can draw electrical current through photosynthesis. The lamp, basically, […]

Fascination car

The Highway Aircraft Corporation’s “Tomorrow’s Car Today” definitely catches the eye.  Rolled out in the late ’60s, the Fascination’s streamlined shape rang out echoes all the way back to the Dymaxion car (Small wonder. It started life in the 1930s as the “Airomobile”), but what really makes it really interesting isn’t the all-aluminium engine it […]

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