Valentine Makhouleen

Hi, I'm Valentine Makhouleen, an interactive art director from Toronto, Canada.

Get inspired, check out some of my agency work or take a look at what we do at New Media Studio.

On Twitter

10:15 AM Sep 02
Some Monday morning inspiration: Toronto through time. #Toronto #urbanhistory #history
04:14 PM Jul 22
Are you kidding me, @foursquare? One thing I really need is another app. Goodbye - experience was nice so far.
10:24 AM Jul 21
Does #Putin have a shredder under the Russian flag?
06:13 PM Jul 07
A kind internet stranger put together an awesome list of outdoor movies in #Toronto this summer. #gooutandplay
10:46 PM Jun 23
I predict a live action Batman TV series, probably followed by Spiderman. Seven seasons. On Netflix. #thingsthatmightcometrue
08:51 AM Jun 08
Had no idea this Miyazaki masterpiece existed: #inspiration
02:47 PM May 26
Backup your Google Apps data. Get $5 off Spanning: A6BQK3. #backup #googleapps